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Training solutions that clients have found with our application

Training follow-up

The success of online and face-to-face training increases significantly with close monitoring.

Several weeks after the initial training, our clients send participants review capsules and refresher exercises. This increases training ROI and allows participants to better leverage the time they invest in learning.

Online training for sales teams

Market competitiveness requires sales teams to keep their skills and product knowledge up to date at all times.

Our clients can react immediately to changes in the market by creating content and exercises that reinforce the sales team’s knowledge and skills.

Compliance training

There are numerous fields and professions where staff are required by law to abide by certain industry related regulations and guidelines. These include health and safety, money laundering, data protection, social corporate responsibility, etc.

Our clients can easily make this information available to their employees by sending them personalised training capsules. In addition, they can ensure the assignments are completed using the reporting and tracking tools. Learners can also receive a personalised training certificate upon completion.

Training pre-work

Diagnosis tool. Sending content and exercises to participants prior to a training course allows the trainer to better understand their knowledge levels and thus increase the learning potential.

The results from these types of exercises can also be used as material for debate and discussion during training sessions.

Refresher training

In many professions, being able to deal with the day-to-day challenges requires staff to be up to speed on new industry and market and developments. This might include for example technicians or medical staff.

The application allows our clients to deliver content of any type (technical, legal, medical, etc.) to their employees so that their knowledge levels are always current.

Personal soft skills

Acquiring and improving personal soft skills requires continuous effort and daily reflection on how to put these concepts to use.

Some of our clients develop these skills using training capsules and interactions covering areas such as team dynamics, communication, organisational skills, client services and leadership. Presenting these types of concepts to participants on a frequent basis encourages continuous development.

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